Marilyn & Audrey

We had some tiny new visitors to Knit Club last week in the form of two very glamorous (and greedy) guinea pigs.

Marilyn and AudreyBecky made them as a birthday pressie for Emmett, modelled on Emmett’s real-life pets Marilyn and Audrey. We think the resemblance is uncanny. Top job!


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15 minutes of fame!

FKC in Knit magazineWe were approached by Knit magazine to be featured on their Community Knits page. So we sent them some pics and a write up about us and here we are – our 15 minutes of fame!

Spread about us in Knit Magazine
Nautical Knit magazine

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Fabulous finished objects

Falmouth Knit Clubbers have been extremely busy crafting fabulous things. Here are a few we managed to grab a quick snap of – they don’t stay still for long!

Sarah's crocheted wrap cardigan Sarah proves once again that crochet is cool! She made this wrap cardigan using a great Japanese charted pattern book.

Little blue cardiganAnne hasn’t shrunk this lovely blue sweater, it’s meant to be that size ‘cos it’s for a child! One of the lovely garments Anne’s been making as presents for friends.

Sarah's scarfSarah (a different Sarah, we have three Sarahs now!) proudly shows off her very snuggly scarf!

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Becky’s beautiful blanket

We were so excited when Becky brought in the lovely blanket she’d been working away quietly on for about a year! When Becky started making the small squares she’d just started out as a knitter, but by using different techniques and stitches to create the squares, she developed her skills and quickly became an expert knitter!

Becky's blanket close up

This stunning blanket, which she has given to her very lucky Mum as a present, shows just what can be achieved with a love of knitting, an encyclopaedia of stitches and lots of lots of perseverance! Well done Becky! We’re all really jealous of your Mum!

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Happy New Knitting!

Hello knitters!

Hope you had a lovely festive break and you’re bursting with new knitting ideas for 2012.

We had thought that Knit Club would be back up and running this Wednesday 4th Jan, but Hand Bar are taking a well deserved break, so the first Knit Club of 2012 will be next Wednesday 11th Jan, same time, same place as usual: 7 – 10pm, Hand Bar.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

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Now we are 3!

That time of year has rolled around again and although of course we’re still looking very youthful, Falmouth Knit Club has reached the grand old age of 3!

There was so much cake to celebrate the passing of another year of knitting funtimes that we were concerned for a moment that we wouldn’t get through it. But with a bumper crowd, the help of the folks behind the bar and some substantial tupperware tubs we were not defeated.

Thanks to everyone who made cakes and came along to help us celebrate and congratulations to this year’s rosette winners:

Becky (left)  – Most Dedicated Knitter – for pressing on valiantly all year with a fabulous knitted bedspread
Sarah M (2nd from left) – Crochet Pioneer – for helping to make the C word acceptable at Knit Club by being just so damn good at it
Jo L (middle, concentrating very hard on a sock!) – Most Philanthropic Knitter/Crocheter – for making so many beautiful things and giving virtually all of them away as gifts.

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Where wool really comes from!

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there’s a whole host of hirsute animals working night and day to grow their lovely coats so that we knitters can make our cosy and fluffy items. Well, we were well and truly reminded at FibreFest in Devon the other week  – not only about the beautiful creatures that grow our yarns, but also the dedicated folk who lovingly tend to them and transform their fleeces into things of beauty.

To say the carload of FKC ladies who made the trip to sunny Bicton College near Exeter were excited to come face to face with baby alpacas is an understatement.

When faced with the cute and fluffy fellows we went to pieces and there  may even have been a squeal or two of delight. Seeing the nice, burly farmer chap shear a rather anxious alpaca was also a delight, but for very different reasons!

And as if meeting sheep and llamas and alpacas and burly farmers wasn’t enough to set the pulses racing, there was also the joy of three large marquees full of delicious yarns and knitting paraphernalia to get squeally about. Let’s just say we managed to contain our joy long enough to spend a substantial amount of our pocket money on a bootload of squishable yarn. Watch this space for future projects!

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